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FIU pedestrian bridge collapse investigation
News May 25, 2018
The National Transportation Safety Board released a preliminary report on the agency's ongoing investigation of the pedestrian bridge collapse that took place at Florida International Univerisity (FIU) on March 15 in the city of Sweetwater.   According to the report, the 174-ft-long bridge fell...

Image: Virginia DOT

News May 21, 2018
The Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel (HRBT) expansion project will officially be widening the tunnel to four lanes instead of three.   HRBT project officials recently explained that the cost difference would be negligible and that the four-lane version would actually be easier to build. The idea was...
I-70 Colorado KUSA-TV (Denver)

Image: KUSA-TV (Denver)

News May 16, 2018
Colorado transportation leaders and local elected officials came together Tuesday to discuss plans to improve a congested stretch of I-70.   The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) held a press conference below the bridge at the I-70 and U.S. 6 interchange. According to officials, the...
Cranes on Pittsburgh highway project
Case Studies May 16, 2018
As a certain saying reminds us, functioning smoothly and efficiently requires the left hand to know what the right hand is doing. So imagine how critical it is for two cranes to work together seamlessly when combining efforts on a pick. Such was the case on a 13-mile phase of the colossal Southern...
FIU bridge
News May 14, 2018
The Miami Herald has reportedly obtained documents from Florida International University (FIU) through a public records request that indicate cracks were observed in the newly installed campus pedestrian bridge two weeks before its deadly collapse.   Photographs and an internal email that had...
Highway improvements
News May 10, 2018
The Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) announced a new five-year plan Wednesday for highway construction projects that will come with a $3.4 billion price tag.   More than $1 billion will be invested in repairing state-owned bridges that are structurally deficient, many of which will...
infrastructure improvements
News May 09, 2018
Gov. Andrew Cuomo is calling for New York state to spend another $125 billion on infrastructure improvement projects over the next five years.   The Democratic governor announced Tuesday the proposal would be the next phase in his agenda to rebuild the state of New York and create thousands of...
ABC bridge earthquake testing
News May 08, 2018
Combined accelerated bridge construction methods were determined to be safe and ready for real-world application following tests using massive shake tables at the University of Nevada, Reno’s world-renowned Earthquake Engineering Laboratory.   The tests in April subjected a 70-ton, two-span, 70-ft-...
News May 07, 2018
Galveston County commissioners voted last week to approve a resolution supporting the replacement of the Pelican Island Bridge with a $91 million, 75-ft high conventional bridge.   The selection of the $91 million proposal effectively puts any future plans for a rail line to Pelican Island on hold...
News May 03, 2018
This October, the 4th Annual Commercial UAV Expo trade show will host a variety of unmanned aerial system (UAS) vendors showcasing airframes, components, software and services all focused on commercial applications.   The event, which was recently recognized by Trade Show Network News as one of the...
State of the bridges 2018
Article May 01, 2018
Some would say Mississippi is fortunate not to see all four seasons.   The weather is on the mild side for much of the year. Yet things still shrivel up in the state and have to wait for conditions to improve.   On April 12, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant declared a state of emergency, issuing a...
Savanna and Sabula bridge
Article May 01, 2018
There are stretches along the Mississippi River that to this day have seen limited human intervention or imposition, a remarkable fact.   One such stretch is located along the meeting of northwestern Illinois and southeastern Iowa, adjacent to U.S. Rte. 52. There the foliage is dense, and despite...
New Champlain Bridge over the St. Lawrence River

Rendering of the New Champlain Bridge over the St. Lawrence River in Montreal, Quebec.

Article May 01, 2018
Opened to traffic in 1962, the existing Champlain Bridge over the St. Lawrence River in Montreal, Quebec, is one of the busiest bridges in Canada with roughly 50 million vehicles per year. During its service life, the bridge has undergone extensive rehabilitation and recently these costs have...
U.S. Rte. 30 bridge over Bessemer Avenue replacement project

The U.S. Rte. 30 bridge over Bessemer Avenue replacement project in East Pittsburgh earned the Best ABC Project Award in the PBES category during the National ABC Conference. Photo courtesy of Tri-State Design & Development.

Article May 01, 2018
The reinforced concrete T-beam bridge on U.S. Rte. 30 over Bessemer Avenue in East Pittsburgh, Pa., had served the area well since 1937.   But more than 80 years of traffic and weather had taken its toll. The bridge was structurally deficient to the point that workers had to install temporary...
Laurel Street OC pilot project in Vallejo, Calif.

Crews swing bent cap in place on Laurel Street OC pilot project in Vallejo, Calif. Photos courtesy of Caltrans.

Article May 01, 2018
The Laurel Street Overcrossing (OC) is the first in a series of multi-span accelerated bridge construction (ABC) pilot projects that the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is building to assist in the mainstreaming of ABC into its project delivery system.   Due to the demands that...
Highway plan
News April 30, 2018
Kentucky's recently passed $8.5 billion 2018 highway plan aims to prioritize spending on 1,400 projects, including work on 1,000 bridges and improvements to 5,000 miles of pavement, plus road widening and the reconstruction of existing roads, along with construction of new routes and interchanges...
UAV drones
News April 26, 2018
The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is adding unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to help its engineering staff safely and more efficiently inspect bridges and perform surveying work along state highways.   Through a federal innovative technology grant, ADOT has eight new aerial drones that...
U.S. 183 South toll road project in Austin, Texas

Image: Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

News April 23, 2018
The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority has hit a significant milestone in the construction of the U.S. 183 South project, as work is now about 50% completed.   Construction crews have completed the first stretch of the new northbound general-purpose lanes between 51st Street and Manor/...
Virginia road improvements
News April 23, 2018
The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) plan to get the state’s roads and bridges up to “fair” condition would cost about $13.1 billion based on the department’s estimates.   VDOT’s entire six-year improvement program highway construction budget is $16.9 billion. The drafted six-year plan...
The Carroll Avenue Bridge in Takoma Park, Md.

The Carroll Avenue Bridge in Takoma Park, Md.

Case Studies April 17, 2018
Historically and visually impressive, the S.R. 195 (Carroll Avenue) bridge is a three-span, 224-ft structure that crosses the Sligo Creek Parkway, Sligo Creek and the Sligo Creek Trail in Takoma Park, Md.   The origins of the S.R. 195 bridge began in 1878 with a humble, low-lying wooden bridge that...
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