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Harrison Avenue Bridge

Images: PennDOT

News November 19, 2018
On Veterans Day 2018 a rebuilt Col. Francis J. Duffy Memorial Park was rededicated in Scranton, Pa., where a recast bronze statue of the World War I “Spirit of America Doughboy” is now housed.   This new statue was one of the final tasks of the Harrison Avenue Bridge project.   The doughboy was...
Sharid K. Amiri
Article November 19, 2018
California, the fifth largest economy in the world and the most populous state in the union, is considered a seismic-prone state where earthquakes play an important role in shaping the design and construction of the infrastructure, critical to its economic well-being. The 1994 Northridge and the...
NTSB FIU bridge investigation November update

Image: NTSB

News November 16, 2018
The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) this week released an investigative update on the collapse of the Florida International University (FIU) pedestrian bridge in Sweetwater, Fla., revealing significant errors made in the design of the bridge that collapsed and killed six people back in...
highway construction Pennsylvania toll road
News November 13, 2018
The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is ready to begin construction of an interchange on the Southern Beltway in the Pittsburgh area.   The commission last week awarded a $116.2 million contract to Trumbull Corp. for the 2.75-mile section of the $800 million toll road. Preliminary work to clear...
ALL Crane Orlando I-4 project
Case Studies November 06, 2018
The metamorphosis of car travel in, around and through Orlando, Fla., continues with the expansive I-4 corridor project. This 21-mile, $2.3 billion project is completely changing the way traffic is routed and managed through one of the largest metroplex areas in the world. The ultimate goal is less...
I-235 highway widening and bridge project Oklahoma City

Image: Oklahoma DOT

News November 05, 2018
The project to widen I-235 to six through lanes and two auxiliary lanes from NW 36th Street to just north of NW 50th Street in Oklahoma City has been completed ahead of schedule and is now fully reopened to traffic.   Construction began in January 2017 and was projected to take about three years if...
New Champlain Bridge
Article November 02, 2018
This year’s selection for the top bridge project in North America is a multi-faceted, dynamic structure that faced more than its fair share of challenges, in both design and construction, and had the added burden of being not only a crucial thoroughfare to the city of Montreal but a replacement for...
Dale Gardner Veterans Memorial Bridge (U.S. 52)
Article November 02, 2018
The original U.S. 52 bridge that crossed the Mississippi River from Savanna, Ill., to Sabula, Iowa, was constructed in 1932 and served as a crucial connector for shipping goods across state lines. A 2010 bridge inspection identified 100 structural deficiencies that required $8 million in repairs...
Goethals Bridge Replacement Project
Article November 02, 2018
There were fingers showing in the marshy, swampy area in Staten Island, N.Y.   Any engineer would designate the scene for the Goethals Bridge Replacement Project as somewhat horrific. Located in a low-lying, wet and environmentally sensitive area, the New York side of the crossing offered design...
Sarah Mildred Long Bridge
Article November 02, 2018
Since when is a tugboat denied the opportunity to see things through?   It happened frequently on the Piscataqua River between Kittery, Maine, and Portsmouth, N.H. With a bridge sitting at a 25° skew, tugboat operators had no choice but to release vessels right before the span, chug to the other...
Portageville Railroad Bridge
Article November 02, 2018
The first Portageville Bridge was constructed in 1852 from timber and burned down shortly after, according to contractor American Bridge Co. In 1875, the original structure was replaced by an iron bridge that consisted of 13 open-deck spans totaling 819 ft carrying a single track 235 ft above the...
St. Croix Crossing
Article November 02, 2018
This one mattered so much, it required an Act of Congress and a presidential signature to bring it home.   The St. Croix Crossing Bridge spans the St. Croix National Scenic Waterway, a federally protected waterway. In order for the work to proceed, the project required an exemption from the Wild...
U.S. 340 over South Fork Shenandoah River
Article November 02, 2018
The longest jointless steel bridge in Virginia, the U.S. Rte. 340 South Fork Bridge spans the South Fork Shenandoah River and the Norfolk Southern Railroad on the northern outskirts of Front Royal, Va.   The new bridge replaces a deteriorating structure built back in the early 1940s, which...
Andy Warhol (7th street) bridge rehabilitation
Article November 02, 2018
When you are bringing a series of bridges back to life, it is OK to move on to the next sister.   It’s happening right now in Pittsburgh following the successful rehab of the Andy Warhol Bridge over the Allegheny River, which is part of an iconic trio called the Three Sisters bridges. The focus is...
Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge
Article November 02, 2018
Beginning in early January 2017, a landslide due to heavy rainfall punished Pfeiffer Canyon in Monterey County, Calif. By mid-February, the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge on Highway 1, which was built in 1968, was determined by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to be beyond repair and...
U.S. 50 over Severn River Bridge rehab
Article November 02, 2018
It’s never easy to make a strong run up the middle.   With the summer tourist season always front and center in Anne Arundel County, Md., officials needed to relieve traffic on the U.S. Rte. 50 bridge over the Severn River, which is a main route to the eastern shore. The answer was to add another...
North Washington Street Bridge
Article November 02, 2018
Boston’s 120-year-old North Washington Street Bridge over the Boston Inner Harbor carries 42,000 vehicles per day, heavy pedestrian traffic and numerous utilities from Boston’s North End and West End areas to Charlestown.   Among the vehicles crossing the bridge each day are four major bus routes...
Wilmington bridge precast elements

The precast elements were easier to erect in the field, taking just two days to deliver and set the structure in place, saving approximately $200,000.

Article November 02, 2018
Until recently, the phrase “in need of repair”­—a dreaded description for a critical bridge that is relied upon by a community for access to its homes and work routes—defined the Cheltenham Road bridge over Hyde Run in Wilmington, Del.   The Westminster Civic Association (WCA) in Wilmington...
K Bridge Phase 1

Photo: Andy Ryan, courtesy of HNTB.

Article November 02, 2018
Newtown Creek sounds like a small, meandering stream suitable for splashing in during warm summer months.   In reality, New York City’s Newtown Creek, which forms part of the boundary between Brooklyn and Queens, is a 3.5-mile-long tributary that served as a major industrial waterway in the mid- to...
I Street Bridge Sacramento

Image: USFWS Photo/Steve Martarano via Wikimedia Commons

News November 01, 2018
The city of Sacramento this week hired San Francisco-based T.Y. Lin International as the lead architect for the I Street Bridge replacement project over the Sacramento River.   The price tag for the new bridge—which is more than 100 years old—has more than doubled, reaching $172 million. The...
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