Autonomous Vehicle Systems News July 01, 2016
The fatal crash of a Tesla Model S car that was in autopilot mode when it collided with a truck on a Florida highway last month is prompting the National... more
Accelerated Construction Videos July 01, 2016
This accelerated bridge construction project in Salt Lake City, Utah, made use of a slide-in-place technique to avoid traffic disruption—entirely.
Traffic Management News July 01, 2016
A new tool from the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) can help commuting Ohioans reduce traffic anxiety on a daily basis.   ODOT has launched a new app... more
Funding News July 01, 2016
U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx today announced the immediate availability of $5.7 million in Emergency Relief (ER) funds from the Federal Highway... more

BoardWalk Ramp installed at County Courthouse, March 15, 2016 (with dimensions added).

Safety Case Studies June 30, 2016
Cleveland, Ohio, the county seat of Cuyahoga County, has made some news recently. The Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship, and the parade that... more
Transportation Management News June 30, 2016
The town of Wiscasset, Maine, has voted to support a plan by the Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT) to help reduce summertime traffic backups.  ... more
Bridge Construction News June 30, 2016
Governor Bill Walker has announced that he is shutting down two megaprojects in Alaska’a Mat-Su: the Knik Arm bridge project, and the Susitna-Watana... more
Equipment Products June 29, 2016
The Earthmax SR 25 (G2/L2) radial tire is designed for motor graders and loaders operating in a variety of off-the-road applications, including road... more
Bridge Construction News June 29, 2016
The North Carolina House Transportation Committee approved a bill yesterday that would keep the state’s Department of Transportation (NCDOT) from creating new... more

Photo: Amtrak

High-Speed Rail News June 29, 2016
This week, Amtrak cut the ribbon on a new, exclusive “Metropolitan Lounge” in Chicago’s Union Station. The $7 million comfort zone is intended (and reserved... more
Profilograph Profiler Products June 28, 2016
International Cybernetics’ road profilers give accurate real-time smoothness results. The system collects accurate and repeatable road profile data at speeds... more
News June 28, 2016
The deadline to submit your top road project for consideration for the 2016 Roads & Bridges Top 10 Roads list has been extended to July 8. Created in 2000... more
Light Rail Transit (LRT) News June 28, 2016
The proposed South Coast rail project in Massachusetts to extend commuter service to New Bedford and Fall River could cost $1 billion more than expected and... more
Accelerated Construction News June 28, 2016
Fourteen bridges in Beaver County, Pa., are to be replaced by the end of 2017, with three of those projects to commence in July.   The three bridges have been... more
Transit News June 27, 2016
Service improvements are on the way for commuters on the L.A. Metro Gold Line starting today as Metro makes key schedule changes as a result of requests from... more
Highway Construction News June 27, 2016
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley joined other state and local officials recently in Birmingham to mark the completion of the final section of Interstate 22, a 213-... more
Bridge Inspection Products June 24, 2016
Sensefly's Albris can switch between capturing video, still and thermal imagery during the same flight without the need for landing to change cameras.... more
Truck Parts Products June 24, 2016
IAS portable, all-aluminum, OSHA-friendly work platforms are ideal for extending a truck trailer’s surface, and providing safe, efficient trailer access while... more
Equipment Products June 24, 2016
The MSKT from Road Systems, Inc. is an energy-absorbing tangent terminal that is MASH TL-3 compliant, features an improved impact head and anchorage system, is... more
Concrete Products June 24, 2016
CS Unitec’s Trelawny MHS11 concrete scabbler is a demolition tool for quick concrete removal. Eleven piston heads supply 24,200 total BPM and a cutting width... more
Transportation Management News June 30, 2016
The town of Wiscasset, Maine, has voted to support a plan by the Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT) to help reduce summertime traffic backups.   Wiscasset residents approved the plan by a wide margin, after which several selectmen added their support. MDOT says the way to control traffic is...
Concrete Products June 24, 2016
CS Unitec’s Trelawny MHS11 concrete scabbler is a demolition tool for quick concrete removal. Eleven piston heads supply 24,200 total BPM and a cutting width of 10 in. Applications include laitance removal, keying concrete, bridge deck preparation for waterproofing and gentle, effective scabbling...
Safety Products June 23, 2016
It is difficult to forecast how many accidents a highway construction or maintenance jobsite might see through completion of a project. Site-Safe is available to rent, lease or sell TMA attenuator trucks to provide enhanced safety for motorists and workers. 
Transportation Management Products June 20, 2016
IO-Link is a standardized, bi-directional communication protocol supported on sensors or actuators, which are connected through a master. This gives the user/integrator more information about devices and allows them to have remote access. IO-Link is a complimentary technology to an existing PLC,...
Transportation Management Products June 20, 2016
Matrox Mura IPX Series 4K capture and IP encoder/decoder cards let OEMs and AV system builders deliver advanced video wall controllers featuring high-quality low-bitrate, multi-channel 4K or HD encoding and decoding over standard IP. Mura IPX packs 4K capture plus high-density encode and decode...
Bridges News June 15, 2016
More than a third of the $3.5 billion of the funds that state planners intend to spend on Iowa’s transportation needs in the next five years will be devoted to improving the state’s bridges.   The seven-member Iowa Transportation Commission recently approved a 2017-2021 transportation improvement...
Safety Products June 15, 2016
Corrosion of steel reinforcement is one of the most important factors affecting the life expectancy of concrete structures. To tackle this issue, Bekaert developed a range of low-relaxation galvanized PC strands. Depending on requirement, the company offers zinc coating levels up to 1 oz/sq ft, per...
Bridge Construction News June 13, 2016
The time has come to submit nominations for the Top 10 Bridge projects for 2016.    Created in 2000, Roads & Bridges' Top 10 Bridges awards recognize the top bridge projects in North America each year. Nominations are submitted to the R&B editorial staff, who determine the Top 10 list based...
Safety Article June 08, 2016
In 2015 we saw ratification of the five-year, $305 billion surface transportation bill known as the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, or FAST Act.   Prior to this, in 2012, Congress enacted the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21), and while it was short in duration...
Safety Article June 08, 2016
Whether traveling through small towns like Wauwatosa, Wis., or tourist stops like Las Vegas, green lane treatments are increasingly being used to assist motorists in recognizing bicycle lanes.   An effort is underway to improve the quality of these pavement treatments. Once completed, agencies...
Safety Article June 08, 2016
The safety of many short-term, short-duration and mobile work-zone operations is enhanced through the use of shadow vehicles and truck-mounted attenuators (TMAs).   Shadow vehicles and TMAs are deployed upstream of these operations to protect work crews on foot from a vehicle intruding into the...
Safety Article June 08, 2016
One year, Life magazine dubbed it, “the loneliest road in America.”   It was Nevada’s U.S. Rte. 50, and to this day it still can oftentimes be a vast desert wasteland that surrounds hundreds of miles of lonely asphalt. At times, traveling this road can be so mundane that a motorist might innocently...
Safety Article June 08, 2016
Determining the appropriate application of pavement markings is a persistent challenge for departments of transportation.   A team of researchers from the Iowa State University Institute for Transportation recently partnered with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) to conduct a field...
Safety Article June 08, 2016
Improving our nation’s infrastructure though the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges is a vital part of making our country great.   From architects and planners to jobsite crews, these hard-working professionals face long days on their feet in sometimes challenging environments.  ...
Transportation Management News June 08, 2016
In a move to make travel on Interstate 10 safer and more efficient, the transportation leaders in four states have created a coalition supporting innovation along the corridor.   An agreement establishing the voluntary I-10 Corridor Coalition, proposed by Arizona Department of Transportation...
Asphalt Article June 07, 2016
The use of reclaimed asphalt shingles (RAS) in asphalt mixes is on the rise.   A recent survey conducted by the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) showed that RAS use reached 1.9 million tons nationwide in 2014, an increase of nearly 180% since 2009. While reducing material costs for...
Asphalt Article June 07, 2016
The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is working towards going “all in” on intelligent compaction (IC).   IC is viewed as a means to improve contractor quality control on the compaction of asphalt pavements, thus leading to longer-lasting pavements. In addition, as the process...
Asphalt Article June 07, 2016
They did not travel long distances to see the weeping track. In fact, I doubt many racing fans in the New York region saw the strange phenomenon.   Asphalt pavement weeping happens when moisture collects in the sub-base and is pushed to the surface through a crack. Water on a racetrack is bad...
Maintenance News June 06, 2016
In a new regulatory policy stance, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) may provide more flexibility to state departments of transportations when those DOTs seek to exclude infrastructure improvements from detailed environmental reviews before the work can go forward.   The rule change would...
Bridges News June 03, 2016
A $663,000 barrier intended to prevent people from jumping off the French King Bridge was recently approved by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT).   Along with the proposed barrier, MassDOT last week installed and began testing a web-based mobile camera system on the bridge to...
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