infrastructure software
News October 30, 2018
Bentley Systems Inc., the leading global provider of comprehensive software solutions for advancing the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure, recently announced some of their latest acquisitions, resources and services at the company’s 2018 Year in Infrastructure Conference in...
VR construction planning
Article December 04, 2017
Virtual reality (VR) has been a staple of mass media for decades, but only in the abstract.   Popularized in television shows and in the movies, largely science fiction-related, VR has now moved past static media to the realm of interactive video games, and, to some degree, infrastructure project...
DOT virtual reality
Article December 04, 2017
Always ask Mom if it is OK.   Seriously, if someone is going to be trusted and depended upon, it is going to be the one who carried you around for nine months. Dale Keller, senior project manager with the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), had a skeptical mother when the designs for...
3-D design tools
Article December 04, 2017
Engineers are well-versed in using 3-D design tools and imagery to carry out their designs and display their work.   Still, it’s like watching a scene through a window—you see it, but you cannot experience the fullness of what is taking place. By putting designs into a virtual reality (VR) or...
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