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Utah DOT offers to plow roads in National Parks amidst federal shutdown
News January 11, 2019
Officials with the Utah Department of Transportation are meeting with rangers from the National Park Service to discuss plowing roads in three of Utah’s national parks during the federal government shutdown.   The shutdown, which is now approaching the end of its third week, has halted funding to...
Syracuse plans to bolster snow maintenance by adding 20 miles of sidewalk to routing
News September 20, 2018
Officials with the city of Syracuse, N.Y., have announced the city's intention to expand its winter maintenance regimen by adding 20 miles of sidewalks to its regular plowing and snow removal schedule.   The area has traditionally contended with fairly weak snow removal laws, and city officials...
Michigan DOT leverages plow data for better snow and ice removal

Photo source: MDOT via Mining Journal

News December 19, 2016
The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is banking on connected vehicle technology to help clear snow and ice from roadways faster. GPS-based automatic vehicle location devices, which the agency began installing on its winter road maintenance equipment in 2013, report where each truck is,...
News January 29, 2016
The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) would rather be safe than sorry. FDOT held a winter weather exercise to test out its winter operations equipment in order to avoid a situation two years ago where they were unprepared for icy road conditions.   Ian Satter, spokesperson for the Florida...
Workers in Wisconsin load the briner maker.

Workers in Wisconsin load the briner maker.

Case Studies March 27, 2015
A few years ago, the City of Wauwatosa implemented a brine program for anti-icing and pre-wetting salt. As a pilot program, city officials were cautious when it came to investing in the upfront costs for an in-house brine maker without first seeing the results. Rather than batch their own brine,...
VTrans looks at issue dealing with salt locations

Photo courtesy of the Virginia DOT.

Article February 06, 2015
During the winter season the state of Vermont becomes a playground drawing people from across the country to enjoy activities such as skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling. Unfortunately, the very same snow and ice that creates a winter wonderland in the mountains also creates a winter gauntlet on...
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Case Studies
Sedgwick County, Kan., understands the benefits that come from pre-wetting salt in severely cold temperatures. Under such extreme winter conditions, the county previously used straight calcium chloride as a pre-treatment, but was beginning to discover it wasn’t the most economical choice.   “When...
Case Studies
For the last several years, Dan Tobritzhofer had been using straight salt to treat public roadways. When he took a new job with the city of Burnsville, Minn., however, he looked toward his first season using an enhanced deicing product. “Where I came from we’d been using straight white salt at...
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