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Bridges Article November 05, 2015
Hollow-core concrete columns have been used for very tall bridge columns in seismic areas including New Zealand, Japan and Italy. Hollow-core cross-sections reduce the mass of the column, which reduces the bridge self-weight contributing to the inertial forces during earthquakes. HC-FCS columns...
Bridges Article November 05, 2015
How do you rehabilitate a 100-year-old masonry arch bridge without impacting its natural aesthetic?   Factor in that the bridge is the only access point for a 50-acre family property. These were the challenges of the Thompson family, owners of the Furness Bridge and descendants of Philadelphia...
Bridges Article November 05, 2015
The Illinois Tollway’s 15-year, $12 billion Move Illinois Program includes the 62-mile-long Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90) Rebuilding and Widening Project.   The project is providing six reconstructed and expanded lanes from Randall Road in Elgin to I-39 near Rockford (completed in 2014), and...
Bridges Article November 05, 2015
The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) is improving the U.S. 68/S.R. 80 corridor across western Kentucky, including replacement of the obsolete 83-year-old structure over Kentucky Lake.   The new structure will provide improved safety for motorists and for commercial vessels navigating the...
News November 05, 2015
It did not take long for new House Speaker Paul Ryan to record his first major victory.   The House of Representatives passed a six-year highway bill worth $339 billion by a 363-64 tally. Ryan allowed votes on more than 100 amendments from both Republicans and Democrats, which might have fueled the...
Funding News November 05, 2015
House Republicans rejected a proposed 15-cent gas tax increase to the current 18.4-cents-per-gallon federal gas tax. The House has worked its way through 81 out of the 280 amendments to the proposed highway bill. The bill, which has passed Senate, is for six years but without a viable funding...
Manhole Risers Videos November 04, 2015
American Highway Products' unique “pivoted turnbuckle” mechanical linkage ensures a reliable pressed-in bearing fit, providing a worry-free lifetime adjustment of utility lids and grates.
Manhole Covers Videos November 04, 2015
Manhole Safety Ramp eliminates claims, eliminates material cost, reduces labor cost, lowers worker liability in the street, lowers cleanup costs around manholes before paving and is reusable.
Asphalt Videos November 04, 2015
Safety Ramp eliminates claims, eliminates material cost, reduces labor cost, lowers worker liability in the street, lowers cleanup cost when milling and paving, eliminates butt joints and is reusable.
Subsurface Utility Engineering Videos November 04, 2015
Eliminate lost utilities after paving. Eliminate painting, measuring, metal detectors, guessing and other costly mistakes. This device can also be used to identify striping or airport runway lighting.
Manhole Covers Videos November 04, 2015
American Highway Products' rubber adjusting ring is lightweight and unbreakable. It is made of solid rubber, and it provides a watertight seal that will last many years.
News November 04, 2015
It took a long while for Michigan lawmakers to pass a highway-funding bill, and it will take a little more time before it fully kicks in. However, the state House of Representatives and Senate agreed on a deal by the narrowest of margins. The Senate passed the measure, which will generate $1.2...
Funding News November 04, 2015
The House has 280 amendments to a $325 billion highway bill to work through over the next three days, one of which includes measures tied highway funding, which expires Nov. 20.    Another measure includes a reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is...
Erosion Control and Soil Stabilization Products November 04, 2015
With the Geoweb slope protection system, challenging soil stability problems on roadway and bridge embankments can be essentially eliminated. The 3-D Geoweb structure confines and reinforces the upper soil layer, inhibiting erosion and offering deep earth solutions not delivered by 2-D surface...
Public Transportation News November 03, 2015
Approximately $292 billion will be used for transit projects in the Bay Area over the next 25 years. The plans include rail, bus and commute routes for the public, which are all designed to give commuters alternatives to getting around the city so they can avoid driving.   San Francisco is aiming...
News November 02, 2015
Today is the last day to fill out the 2015 Roads & Bridges State of the Industry survey. The responses will be used for the December issue. Take the survey here. 
Funding News November 02, 2015
Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) is introducing an amendment to increase the federal gas tax by 15 cents, totaling 33.4 cents per gallon on gas purchases.     "The bill under consideration calls for a six-year period of spending authority, and hopes to be funded for three years with a combination of...
Funding News October 30, 2015
U.S. President Barack Obama signed a short-term transportation bill extending funding for highways and other surface transportation through Nov. 20, the White House said. The temporary measure will prevent a shutdown in infrastructure funding, while also extending a key rail safety deadline to the...
Winter Maintenance Case Studies October 30, 2015

Each winter, the Idaho Transportation Department is charged with snow and ice control on over 12,000 lane-miles of highway covering mountain passes to rolling hills and valley floors.


An Idaho Transportation Department snowplow truck equipped with the SpreadSmart Rx electronic spreader control system from Cirus Controls.

The mission of the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is clear-cut: “Your Safety. Your Mobility. Your Economic Opportunity.” To verify and then evaluate and continuously improve the effectiveness of its winter road maintenance operations, ITD is implementing key systems for monitoring road...
Funding News October 29, 2015
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) approved a $29 billion repair and enhancement plan, the largest investment ever in the subways, buses, railroads, bridges and tunnels that keep New York moving.   The 2015-2019 Capital Program will buy thousands of new subway cars, train cars and...


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