Louisiana to test precast reinforced concrete pavement on I-20 on-ramp

The LaDOTD will experiment with the precast concrete on the interstate west of Shreveport

Reinforcement Concrete News February 15, 2018
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I-20 precast concrete

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LaDOTD) will experiment with the use of precast reinforced concrete pavement on the eastbound on-ramp of I-20 west of the city of Shreveport.


The I-20 on-ramp is located near multiple truck stops in the area and gets a lot of heavy traffic coming up from Houston onto I-20 east and westbound.


This is the first time the experimental process has been tried in the state of Louisiana, but the Federal Highway Administration has had success with the process in other parts of the country.


LaDOTD says it can be completely done with the on-ramp over the course of a weekend. That kind of speed has many in the department thinking about the potential of applying the same technique to the I-20 project through Bossier City if work on the on-ramp is successful.


Work on the on-ramp will cost about $2.8 million. After the project is complete, LaDOTD will monitor the on-ramp for about a year.



Source: KTBS-TV (Shreveport, La.)

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