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987 Buckeye Park Road
Columbus, OH

Hill & Smith Inc. – headquartered in Columbus, Ohio – is the manufacturer and supplier of the Zoneguard portable steel barrier system. Having been tested and accepted by the FHWA to NCHRP-350 and MASH crash test criteria, Zoneguard meets maximum safety standards and offers reliable protection for installers, road workers and drivers. Hill & Smith Inc. is a subsidiary of Hill & Smith Holdings PLC.


  • Zoneguard 1
    The MASH-eligible Zoneguard steel barrier system reduces trucks, improves installation and relocation time, decreases dead load on bridges and can withstand years of utilization. Contact Hill &...
  • Zoneguard 2
    Zoneguard’s lightweight configuration allows for 750 linear ft to be hauled on one truck, compared to 90-120 linear ft with traditional barriers.
  • Zoneguard 3
    Zoneguard has been extensively tested to both NCHRP-350 and MASH crash test standards. It is one of only a handful of MASH-eligible temporary barrier systems available.
  • Zoneguard 1
  • Zoneguard 2
  • Zoneguard 3

This instructional video shows how to install the Zoneguard steel barrier system and provides tips on how to do it quickly and safely.

Beth’s Barricades, a full-service traffic control company headquartered in Gibsonia, Pa., explains why it added the MASH-compliant Zoneguard steel barrier system to its product line.

In August 2017, ITR Concession Co., which operates and maintains the Indiana Toll Road, celebrated the completion of a transformative $220-million project dubbed the 80/90 PUSH Project. The project, which included the rehabilitation of 73 miles of roadway and 53 bridges, was completed in less than...
Highway work zones are hazardous, both for drivers who must maneuver through traffic control arrangements and for construction workers who operate steps away from passing vehicles. In this environment, a split-second distraction or unexpected incident can have grave consequences. To prevent serious...

Click below to download the Hill & Smith Zoneguard Brochure.

Click below to download the Hill & Smith Zoneguard Pre-Installation Checklist.

Click below to download the Hill & Smith Zoneguard Installation Checklist.

Click below to download the Hill & Smith Zoneguard FHWA Letter – B176 – NCHRP-350.

Click below to download the Hill & Smith Zoneguard FHWA Letter – B176A – MASH.

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