Georgia DOT returns unused federal transportation money

The money was originally supposed to support pedestrian and bicycle related projects

Funding News November 29, 2017
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transportation projects

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) gave back $4.3 million to the federal government, which had been allocated towards improving the state’s transportation systems.


The money was meant to target for alternative transportation to support pedestrian and bicycle oriented projects. However, GDOT was unable to allocate all the money, and chose to give back the $4.3 million left over.


Despite the department’s inability to use the remaining money effectively, citizens across the state have shown an increased interest in expanding public transit and improving Georgia’s transportation.


According to the fifth annual “Metro Atlanta Speaks” survey conducted by Kennesaw State University for the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), nearly half (49%) of the 5,462 people across 13 counties surveyed said that “expanding public transit is the best long-term traffic solution,” while another 51% said they were willing to pay higher taxes if that meant improved public transit infrastructure.



Source: The Signal

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