February 2018

Bill Wilson
Editorial/Commentary February 2018

Leonia, N.J., no longer allows passers-by

Mason Business Center

The Mason Business Center lots had to remain available to employees throughout construction.

Asphalt Recycling February 2018

Rehabilitation project rescues massive business center area on a tight timetable

U.S. 50 Gunnison County
Asphalt Recycling February 2018

With bridges long gone, focus now on maintaining U.S. 50

Elm Street downtown Manchester

The Elm Street rehabilitation project was conceived and funded as a complete streets project, in order to accommodate a variety of transportation modes.

Asphalt Recycling February 2018

Major corridor undergoes rehabilitation in downtown Manchester, N.H.

Milling machine
Reclaiming / Recycling February 2018

Discovery of blending capacity of high RAP could be a game-changer 

JTB Bridge

The main Flyover 1 bridge is a new ramp carrying traffic from SB I-95 to EB JT Butler Blvd., designed to alleviate traffic jams and safety issues caused by the previous configuration.

Bridge Design February 2018

U-girders aid in construction of Florida bridge

Ship Channel Bridge
Bridge Design February 2018

New Houston bridge designed to carry massive load

Stearns Bayou Bridge
Bridges February 2018

Revisiting the first galvanized bridge in North America

Larry Caudle
Law February 2018

Case addresses termination for convenience clause

Snowplow training

All photos by Dave Gonzalez, Minnesota DOT.

Winter Maintenance February 2018

Training keeps learning consistent for plow operators

David Matthews
Roads Report February 2018

Sometimes a helmet is more effective than an army of robots

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