On-demand Tech Talk: Strategic asset management in transportation

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Ensuring a functional, safe and resilient transportation network is a vital objective of transportation agencies. Many issues make it difficult to accomplish this goal, including limited funding, rising construction and maintenance costs, and the increase in maintenance and preservation as highway assets age.


Join Bentley for this Tech Talk as Josh Johnson discusses the challenges and benefits of having a good transportation asset management plan in place. It reviews real-world examples of customers who have utilized Bentley’s AssetWise capabilities to bring together disparate sources of information across their road and bridge network for enhanced decision-making and ensure regulatory compliance.


It also explores elements and benefits of strategic asset management (SAM) as it applies to transportation assets. SAM is an excellent solution that assists engineers, managers and decision-makers in the selection and timing of preservation, rehabilitation and replacement projects for their infrastructure assets.


Presenter: Josh Johnson
Runtime: 38 minutes


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