Analytics provider launches tool to help states manage roadways

The new tool promises to fuel faster analysis, smarter targeting of states’ most dangerous roads

Technology News January 14, 2019
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Analytics tool

Numetric, a provider of traffic safety analytics solutions, recently announced the launch of its new Network Screening application to empower states to meet or exceed federal requirements and identify their most dangerous roadways.


Due to a current lack of sufficient tools, the process of manually ranking roadways takes weeks or even months for most states. This makes effective networking screening impractical for groups at regional, county and city levels, preventing them from making the most informed resource investments to reduce crashes. Numetric’s Network Screening application is designed to help eliminate this problem by enabling state and local agencies to rank their roadways in minutes by the attributes that matter most to them, and pinpoint the most effective ways to reduce traffic deaths on those roadways.


Numetric’s analytics platform makes it possible for users to filter through millions of pieces of data with unparalleled flexibility and speed. For example, in the Network Screening application, users can see in seconds the most crash-prone roadways in a specific county during a specific month where teens and alcohol were involved. A standard federally required network screening report can be produced in just seconds, instead of months.


This launch continues a trend of new product releases from Numetric demonstrating the company’s commitment to unlocking traffic safety agencies’ data to allow them to more effectively convert safety funds into saved lives. The company plans to release additional applications, including tools for Safety Analysis, Project Design, and Automated FHWA HSIP Reporting, throughout 2019.



Source: Numetric

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