Dust monitoring in Central Pennsylvania
Article December 03, 2018
Central Pennsylvania may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think about dusty roads, but even in the heavily forested Northeast, road dust is an issue. Whether a landowner nuisance, driver hazard or human health concern, dust from unsealed roads is a headache for the road owner.  ...
The infrastructure segment is expected to account for the lion's share of this market
News March 01, 2017
The global construction aggregates market was expected to reach an estimated value of $350.2 billion in 2016, expanding at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 6.1% through 2024.   New trends in construction aggregates such as manufactured sand and recycled aggregates, along with rising...
Rhode Island plans $595 million highway cap
News June 02, 2016
Rhode Island is seeking federal help to replace a dilapidated highway interchange with a $595 million project that would bury a Providence expressway beneath a park-lined boulevard.   Critics warn the project could be another Big Dig—Boston's Central Artery project that achieved similar results in...
The aggregate layer helps increase traction.The finished pavement overlay installation.

The aggregate layer helps increase traction.The finished pavement overlay installation.

Case Studies October 08, 2015
Two bridges in Toledo, Ohio, had undergone routine maintenance over the years. But while the bridges themselves were structurally sound, David Pratt and his public works team soon realized that further repairs to the wear surface were inevitable down the road.   Rather than plan for continual...
American Highway Products Catch Basin Risers
Case Studies June 05, 2015
Curtis Contracting Inc. (CCI), based in West Point, Va., is a large regional contractor, specializing in all phases of asphalt pavement design and construction. They’re experienced in a variety of projects, including the massive paving required for an Amazon fulfillment center in Chester, Va., and...
Crews applying the Base One treatment method.

Crews applying the Base One treatment method. 

Case Studies May 29, 2015
Clinton County, Iowa, Engineer Todd Kinney was looking for a solution for 250th Street, a 2-mile aggregate surfaced road that serves mainly residential and agricultural property. The road connects to two county farm-to-market paved roads and U.S. Highway 30. The 2010 traffic count was 70 ADT. The...
Article May 04, 2015
The use of warm-mix asphalt (WMA) has grown rapidly in the short time it has become a familiar acronym in the U.S. In fact, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) placed 2.8 million tons of water-injected WMA in 2011.   But, ODOT’s WMA work has not advanced without concerns, questions and...
Norris Asphalt widened the roadway out 3 ft to each side to build new paved shoulders.

Norris Asphalt widened the roadway out 3 ft to each side to build new paved shoulders. 

Article March 02, 2015
Norris Asphalt Paving Co. faced an uphill climb to qualify as a finalist for the 2015 Sheldon G. Hayes Award, but in the end the company was able to make its way to the top.   The Ottuma, Iowa-based company was nominated for the asphalt paving industry’s highest honor thanks to its exemplary work...
Article April 02, 2009
The Pope County Highway Department in Minnesota has seen great success incorporating an inexpensive base stabilization product in reconstruction projects using reclaimed and salvaged material, and planned to add it to a full-depth reclamation project. Brian Noetzelman, Pope County Engineer, said, “...
The I-105 Sepulveda Boulevard on-ramp
Case Studies
The I-105 Sepulveda Boulevard on-ramp is the primary egress point from Los Angeles International Airport. The two-lane ramp was notorious for collisions in wet pavement conditions. Collisions on the ramp have been attributed to a tight horizontal curvature, low friction and motorists’ aggressive...
Team Lab base stabilization
Case Studies
Lake Eunice Township was looking for a solution for a section of gravel-surface road that connects two north- and southbound bituminous-surface roadways. This section of Deroxe Road is 26 ft wide and 1.1 miles long and has an average daily traffic of 150. This road is the only east- and westbound...
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