2018 Winter Maintenance

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DC snow plan
Winter Maintenance September 2018

Implementing and sustaining a winter maintenance improvement plan in Washington, D.C., after record snow event

Coconino County freeze-thaw cycles

Coconino County faces some of the most severe freeze-thaw cycles in the U.S.

Snow Plowing September 2018

Snow response in America’s fifth-snowiest region

Variable speed limit warning sign
Winter Maintenance September 2018

Ohio DOT combats winter weather using variable speed limits

Fishers Snow Team

The Fishers Snow Team now consists of 120 crew members dedicated to year-round severe weather response.

Snow Control September 2018

How does a growing city tackle snow removal?

Preventive protocols
Winter Maintenance September 2018

Sustainable snow and ice control should go hand-in-hand with ecological stewardship

Johnson County Indiana snow plow
Winter Maintenance September 2018

Johnson County, Ind., takes a multi-faceted approach to winter maintenance

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