2018 Technology Today

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ACR’s first commercialized, autonomous robot is TyBot, a self-driving, rebar-tying robot that can augment and reduce labor need in bridge deck construction.

Technology November 2018

A new development in robotics is potential boon to construction industry

UAV-CRP technology comprised of DSLR camera

UAV-CRP technology is comprised of DSLR cameras mounted to the UAVs that fly over the infrastructure to image the terrain and structures from various angles.

Technology November 2018

Coupling UAVs with close range photogrammetry to monitor road and bridge assets

AI machine learning water

Image: Starlineart - stock.adobe.com

Technology November 2018

AI and machine learning advance asset management for water infrastructure

BIM models to AR

Image: Tran - stock.adobe.com

Technology November 2018

Could new technology that simplifies the transfer of BIM models to AR push AEC firms to go all in on extended reality?

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