Trump to announce plans for infrastructure bill in State of the Union

In a meeting with the nation's mayors, the president indicated he would announce a $1.7 trillion infrastructure package

Funding News January 26, 2018
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The White House

President Trump said Wednesday he plans to discuss a $1.7 trillion infrastructure package during next week's annual State of the Union address, a major increase in what the administration had previously touted for infrastructure investment.


During a White House meeting with mayors from across the country, Trump said his administration is in the process of stimulating a $1 trillion investment that could end up being closer to $1.7 trillion. Trump indicated in the meeting that the plans for the infrastructure package will be discussed in the State of the Union.


The impending announcement comes after a document purporting to detail the administration's infrastructure principles leaked earlier this week. The Trump administration previously said it would release details of an infrastructure package later this month.


Trump vowed to repair the nation’s roads, bridges and transit systems during his presidential campaign, but that effort was put on hold in the first year of his presidency as the GOP pursued health care and tax reform.


Lawmakers in both parties are eager to work on an infrastructure plan and address pressing issues like the solvency of the Highway Trust Fund, which provides financing to build roads. Trump has proposed using private investment to fund his forthcoming infrastructure plan.



Source: The Hill

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