Snow and Ice Removal

Utah DOT offers to plow roads in National Parks amidst federal shutdown
News January 11, 2019
Officials with the Utah Department of Transportation are meeting with rangers from the National Park Service to discuss plowing roads in three of Utah’s national parks during the federal government shutdown.   The shutdown, which is now approaching the end of its third week, has halted funding to...
Iowa DOT set to hire 600 snowfighters
News October 03, 2018
The topic of winter maintenance is a hair's breadth from being perhaps the apex topic for transportation agencies, notably in the Midwest. In an effort to be ready for whatever Mother Nature hurls at them this winter, the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) has announced it intends on hiring...
Syracuse plans to bolster snow maintenance by adding 20 miles of sidewalk to routing
News September 20, 2018
Officials with the city of Syracuse, N.Y., have announced the city's intention to expand its winter maintenance regimen by adding 20 miles of sidewalks to its regular plowing and snow removal schedule.   The area has traditionally contended with fairly weak snow removal laws, and city officials...
Salt brine Minnesota
Case Studies October 24, 2017
The city of St. Cloud and county of Anoka in Minnesota were both looking to enhance the performance of their salt brine operations. In 2015, St. Cloud used over 81,000 gal of salt brine and purchased 2,290 tons of salt. Anoka County is responsible for maintaining and clearing snow and ice from 423...
paraffin oil mix

Researchers from Drexel University, Purdue University and Oregon State University have discovered that adding paraffin oil to the mix for road concrete can give it the ability to melt ice and snow when temperatures fall. 

Image: Drexel University

Article September 28, 2017
Drexel University researchers have recently made a discovery that could create roads that deice themselves during winter storms. The secret? Adding a little paraffin wax to the road's concrete mix.   In a paper published for the journal Cement and Concrete Composites, researchers, led by Yaghoob...
Alaska winter maintenance
Article September 06, 2017
Many have heard the saying, “A smart person learns from his or her own mistakes while a wise person learns from the mistakes of others.”   Heeding this advice is certainly wise for any winter maintenance professional, but it is equally important to learn from the successes of others. In the face of...
Oregon DOT expanding materials toolkit for ice and snow control
News December 19, 2016
The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has announced plans to begin using rock salt to augment its use of magnesium chloride solution for ice and snow control on roads across the state.   Specific problem areas, such as steep hills, will get the rock salt to speed melting and improve...
Michigan DOT leverages plow data for better snow and ice removal

Photo source: MDOT via Mining Journal

News December 19, 2016
The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is banking on connected vehicle technology to help clear snow and ice from roadways faster. GPS-based automatic vehicle location devices, which the agency began installing on its winter road maintenance equipment in 2013, report where each truck is,...
question mark sign
News October 10, 2016
Visit our homepage and take this week's poll question, which looks ahead to winter and considers what protocols ought to be top-of-the-pile for agencies.
News March 24, 2016
The only road leading to Alaska’s North Slope oil fields is at risk of severe flooding during the coming spring thaw. Climate experts believe the conditions will be similar to those that intermittently closed portions of the remote highway for more than two months in 2015.   State transportation...
News January 29, 2016
The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) would rather be safe than sorry. FDOT held a winter weather exercise to test out its winter operations equipment in order to avoid a situation two years ago where they were unprepared for icy road conditions.   Ian Satter, spokesperson for the Florida...
Transit & traffic slowly returns to normal following East Coast blizzard
News January 25, 2016
A snowstorm dumped as much as 20-30 in. of snow in some states like New York, Maryland and Virginia this past weekend shut down major roadways and public transit for much of the weekend.  Snow plows are still working to clear and deice roadways, and transit is slowly returning to normal operation...
News January 20, 2016
The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is investing in technology to assist with snow removal for the state’s roadway system.   Technological advances ODOT is taking include the use of weather stations, embedding sensors in the roadways and equipping snow plows with in-cab touch-screen...
News December 30, 2015
Officials within the Alaska Department of Transportation (ALDOT) are looking at budget cuts outlined in Governor Bill Walker's recently published state budget proposal in advance of a pending legislative session. Cuts that may well have a significant impact on the agency’s ability to address...
News November 23, 2015
The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is testing new GPS technology in Southwest Michigan to help the public track of what major roadways snowplows are working on this winter.   Using GPS technology, members of the public will be able to see the location of plow trucks and where salt is...
The aggregate layer helps increase traction.The finished pavement overlay installation.

The aggregate layer helps increase traction.The finished pavement overlay installation.

Case Studies October 08, 2015
Two bridges in Toledo, Ohio, had undergone routine maintenance over the years. But while the bridges themselves were structurally sound, David Pratt and his public works team soon realized that further repairs to the wear surface were inevitable down the road.   Rather than plan for continual...
News September 25, 2015
The Alaska Department of Transportation (ADOT) said it will reduce its plowing and road maintenance.   The reduction will bemost apparent to residents during winter storms when the department's efforts are most needed. The announcement also featured a new map showing a priority system for clearing...
The deicer remains free flowing, even at colder temperatures.

The deicer remains free flowing, even at colder temperatures.

Case Studies September 17, 2015
While the town of Winfield, N.Y., sits a short distance from major thoroughfares, the quiet, upstate village of 2,200 people still sees its fair share of traffic. And its share of icy winter roadways that need to be safe for motorists. The town’s main roads surround the school district, and...
Workers in Wisconsin load the briner maker.

Workers in Wisconsin load the briner maker.

Case Studies March 27, 2015
A few years ago, the City of Wauwatosa implemented a brine program for anti-icing and pre-wetting salt. As a pilot program, city officials were cautious when it came to investing in the upfront costs for an in-house brine maker without first seeing the results. Rather than batch their own brine,...
The deicer flows freely without clumping.

The deicer flows freely without clumping.

Case Studies March 13, 2015
While it may encompass just 25 lane miles, Rutland Township takes its winter maintenance responsibilities seriously. That’s why Jay Schultz, highway commissioner for the western Chicago suburb, made finding the right road deicer a top priority.   “I’ve tried spraying salt with calcium chloride, I’...
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