Wyoming governor’s top priority to supplement highway funding

News Casper Star-Tribune December 01, 2006
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One of Wyoming Gov. Dave Freudenthal’s top priorities is to secure $162 million for highway construction and repair, the Casper Star-Tribune reported. Freudenthal said his request to the Wyoming Legislature was modest considering construction costs. Most of the money will be spent on resurfacing and other projects rather than new highway construction.

"It is a healthy number, but anybody who lives in this state full well understands that most of the commerce and probably 90% of the people movement is done on our highway system," he added.

The highway money is part of a supplemental budget request from the governor to keep the state government running until June 30, 2008.

The extra money for highways would come out of $200 million allocated by the Legislature last winter for transfer to the state's Permanent Mineral Trust Fund. Freudenthal said the trust fund had enough money without the $162 million he wants to go to fixing roads.

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