Wisconsin roadside rehabilitated using stabilization system

January 14, 2015
Wisconsin roadside rehabilitated using stabilization system

On a roadside in Greendale, Wis., the Geoweb system was integrated along a half-mile section of roadway designed to support the weight of rolling vehicles that might venture off onto the shoulder. R.A. Smith National, Inc.—the village of Greendale’s engineer—was tasked with designing a stabilized green roadway along the asphalt pavement that could safely support water loading, yet offer infiltration of highway runoff. A reduction in maintenance when compared to the many problems the village had experienced with maintaining aggregate shoulders in this area was an additional benefit.

Six-inch-deep Geoweb sections fabricated 6 ft wide were expanded on both sides of the roadway. The correct mixture of 65%, ¾-in. limestone chip stone and 35% topsoil was mixed and then placed into the Geoweb sections. Werner Brothers Inc. of Ixonia, Wis., performed the shoulder work as a subcontractor to Black Diamond Group of Oak Creek, Wis.

After infilling the Geoweb sections, an extra 2 in. of topsoil overfill was added for sustaining grass growth. With this plan, if a vehicle drives off of the roadway, the wheels could only rut the upper 2 in. of unprotected topsoil. The fully vegetated protection system is not visible, and the turf is stable years after placement.

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