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Wendi Hope King / November 09, 2001

This month’s issue of WQP provides me with the perfect opportunity to toot my own horn. By now you have visited our website, WaterInfoCenter.com, and have utilized its many functions such as daily news, archives, products, a calendar of events and the bookstore. Now, we are striving to bring you even more of what you want ... practical and comprehensive resources available to you every single day.

Our Topic Forums section is the latest development. This section will comprise various topics, beginning with arsenic. Descriptions and history of the topic will give users enough background to move further through the site to explore the subject in detail. Each topic will feature current issues, white papers, research, association views, suppliers, experts, universities, legislative efforts and treatment practices. We are passing this detailed information to you to help with all of your endeavors.

In addition, your voice will be heard. Discussion groups will be available for those wishing to ask questions and offer information to other industry professionals likely having run across the same issue or problem. Also, related WQP articles and case studies focusing on the specific issue will be listed.

Bookmark that page because information gathering will be ongoing. Watch for additional featured topics regarding lead, Cryptosporidium and countless other industry concerns. Feel free to submit your suggestions, comments and additional information directly to me or via the website.

"POU Options for Arsenic"—portions of our first topic forum—appear on page 14. Apyron Technologies has graciously donated its information and time to get the ball rolling. A brief update regarding regulation and treatment options gives just a glimpse of what you will find on the site.

On a related topic, page 28 features "Winning Websites," which details how your website is more than just a pretty face—it is an extension of your company. Organization is key when trying to help your customers take advantage of your online products and services.

Best wishes on your Internet endeavors, and don’t forget to frequently visit WaterInfoCenter.com. Toot! Toot!

Wendi Hope King

[email protected]


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