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GOMACO’s GT-3600, one of the most versatile, dependable and high-production curb-and-gutter machines with job-proven results throughout the world, now features a control system for the world’s languages. The GT-3600 is now available with the optional G22, GOMACO’s new exclusive operating system.
The G22 combines intelligence with simplicity. The G22’s new graphical display provides the operator with an easy-to-understand interface to the machine’s controls. Newly designed icons and screens with pictograms reduce the operator’s learning curve to a minimum. The brightly colored graphics and full-text explanations provide the ultimate user-friendly operator experience. The G22 has a dual-language feature with the ability to operate in English or a second language. It also offers the choice of metric or imperial measurements. The GOMACO control systems team has developed the G22 screens for the major languages of the world. Advanced system diagnostics on the G22 automatically pinpoint and identify electrical circuit opens, shorts and fault codes to aide in troubleshooting. Faults are identified and a full explanation of recommended actions are given. That means less downtime and a quicker uptime on service because the G22 actually helps eliminate costly service time searching for system problems.
Leg diameter on the new GT-3600 was increased by 15% and features the same quality and durability as the GOMACO Commander III legs. The new trimmerhead is directly driven with a radial-piston hydraulic motor in a closed-loop hydraulic system. The motor provides an increase in torque for more power and a faster tooth-tip rotational speed, which moves the material out of the trimmerhead at a higher rate. The new lightweight, molded-fiberglass shroud allows easy removal or access to the engine components.
The control system also has a selective steering dial for five different modes of controlling the three tracks. This provides a choice for negotiating jobsite conditions and loading for transport.

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