Evaluation of carbon grid reinforced asphalt overlays with accelerated pavement testing

Aug. 16, 2023
Join us on August 16th to learn how carbon fiber paving grids enhance pavement performance and delay cracking in this Roads & Bridges-hosted WebChat.
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This webinar was originally held on August 16, 2023 and is now available for on demand viewing.
Duration: 1/2 Hour

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Join us for an enlightening webcast where we will explore a groundbreaking study on the reinforcing effects of carbon-fiber grids in flexible pavement overlays. For the study, a full-scale flexible pavement structure was constructed, then divided into unreinforced and reinforced sections, both overlaid with the same asphalt mix. After conducting an accelerated pavement test (APT), the team recorded and analyzed reflective cracking, surface deformation, deflections, and moduli in the two sections. The study revealed that the reinforced asphalt overlay significantly delayed reflective cracking by a factor of 4 and reduced pavement deformation by 54% compared to the unreinforced overlay.


Constantin Popescu E.I.T. | Pavement R&D Engineer | Simpson Strong-Tie

Constantin Popescu is a Pavement Research and Development Engineer at Simpson Strong-Tie. In his role, he specializes in conducting research on flexible pavement reinforcement and utilizing finite element modeling techniques. Before joining Simpson Strong-Tie, Constantin served as a Graduate Research Assistant at the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of the University of Texas at Arlington. During his time there, he efficiently managed pavement testing and oversaw the operations of the university's Accelerated Pavement Testing Facility. His doctoral research revolved around the areas of truck platooning and accelerated pavement testing, showcasing his expertise in these fields.

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