Creating Smarter Roads with Connected Wireless Technology

June 14, 2023
Roads & Bridges-hosted webinar sponsored by 3M

This webinar was originally held on June 14, 2023 and is now available for on demand viewing.   
Duration: 1/2 Hour
Sponsor: 3M

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If you’re not bringing innovation to legacy infrastructure, you’re relying upon “maybe” as risk mitigation. You cannot manage what you cannot measure! Things go bump in the night. Could it have been prevented? How quickly are you made aware of compromised safety assets? Before the next driver relies upon them? Or not? 

This Webinar dives deep into cost-benefit analysis; liability mitigation; and what can be done with data heretofore not available. And where or how does a DOT learn and keep up with technology that is years ahead of the infrastructure built post 2nd War?

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Monitor safety assets using impact detection sensors attached to guardrails, attenuators, cable barriers and more.
  • Is it better not to know? Or is that horse out of the barn?
  • The benefits of monitoring miles of roadway from the desktop rather than from the front seat of a pickup truck.


Daniel Selevan
Co-founder and Head of Operations

Daniel Selevan is the Co-founder and Head of Operations for pi-lit, a technology company that designs and manufactures leading-edge radio- and Cloud-connected road sensors.

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