Vollmer Associates works to improve safety in Pa.

News Vollmer Associates July 28, 2004
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Vollmer Associates LLP has begun design work on safety improvements in downtown Stroudsburg, Pa

Vollmer Associates LLP has begun design work on safety improvements in downtown Stroudsburg, Pa.

Balancing safety and economic vitality needs with regional traffic movement is a major issue in the Monroe County seat. Automobiles have struck several pedestrians--two fatally--on Main Street, which carries U.S. Rte. 209 and State Rte. 611 through the borough's downtown. Irregular roadway configuration and high design speeds on the approaches to the central business district contribute to unsafe conditions.

At the same time that the borough has engaged Vollmer to design pedestrian safety improvements, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has been working to reduce traffic delay along the Rte. 611 corridor.

Although reducing traffic delay and improving pedestrian safety are seemingly contradictory goals, the borough and Vollmer have worked to develop solutions that meet both local and regional objectives. This has required a high level of coordination between the borough and PennDOT as Stroudsburg has developed transportation policy, pursued funding sources, conducted public outreach and begun to evaluate alternatives. Both agencies are sharing base data to ensure that options are built on common assumptions.

It is believed that designs can be developed that reduce pedestrian crossing distances, both improving pedestrian safety and allowing traffic to move more smoothly through signalized intersections without increasing vehicle speeds. If successful, a combined project may be developed that provides benefits to both drivers and pedestrians beyond what would be possible individually. In addition, the amount of public funds necessary to improve both pedestrian safety and traffic flow may be reduced, easing the pressure on scarce funding sources.

Conceptual design is expected to be completed during the summer of 2004 with preliminary engineering completed in the fall.

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