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How Digital Twins Are Transforming Road Project Delivery

Digital project delivery and digital twins provide an innovative use of digital data to design and construct roadway projects. Watch the session on demand about digital twins now!


3D visualization, reality modeling, and mixed reality provide an immersive and integrated view of infrastructure assets below ground, on the surface, and above ground. This technology can lead to better informed decisions to improve network availability, enhance worker safety, ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce environmental impact.


In this webinar, join our panel as they discuss how digital delivery and digital twins are transforming how road projects are managed and delivered. Hear how this approach allows you to visualize improvements in the real world and how data rich 3D models can improve design quality, reduce risk, project costs and delays and increase construction efficiency.


Learning Objectives:

  • Discover how digital delivery can advance road project delivery.
  • Learn about project digital twins.
  • Hear from industry experts on how the industry is undergoing a digital transformation.



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October 01, 2021 / 1:01:42