Versatility with power

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LBX Co.’s new Link-Belt X2 series of excavators offers improvements designed to maximize efficiency and productivity.
Compact, re-engineered Tier III Isuzu engines provide more horsepower while maintaining lower rpms. Other engine improvements include a compact design, tighter tolerances in the engine cylinders and a common rail fuel injection system, which effectively improves combustion efficiency. The engines also have exceptional “cold-start” capability with built-in features to extend service life.
Whether used in trenching, lifting, grading, mass excavating or running auxiliary tools, X2 series excavators are designed with the hydraulic features needed to specifically optimize each function.

The X2’s hydraulic system is designed to provide greater power through increased pump capacities, larger cylinders and more efficient oil flow. The engine hydraulic circuits are designed for more flow to critical machine areas for maximum speed and productivity.

Additionally, the X2 excavators utilize Smooth Multifunction Auto-Regulating Travel (SMART Travel), which allows an operator to simultaneously work and travel without significant loss of power in any function, keeping travel smooth and productivity high.

Protective features of the X2 include a “parkerized” fuel tank that prevents corrosion due to water in the fuel, and a protective mesh screen that prevents debris from clogging cooler fins.
The X2 comes standard with a climate control system that automatically regulates the temperature. With selection and control of nine vents, airflow is easy to direct where it is wanted and needed.

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