Vault capture

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The newest addition to the CON/SPAN product line is the Stormvault Mitigation System. It is a below-grade detention and sedimentation vault designed to treat storm-water runoff to the Maximum Extent Practicable. The system can be designed for variable spans, heights and lengths to accommodate any water quality capture volume or site requirement.

The structural shell of the storm-water treatment vault is made up of CON/SPAN Bridge Systems’ precast arch units. The CON/SPAN Bridge System is well known as a precast, modular system for the set-in-place construction of bridge replacement and new construction.

The CON/SPAN design solution provides quick, economical, aesthetic and environmentally preferred solutions for applications of all types, including storm-water solutions. In just 20 years since the first prototype was produced, more than 4,000 structures have been installed in 49 states, Canada, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Japan and Korea.

The Stormvault Mitigation System by CON/SPAN stands apart from its competition by its ability to capture and retain extremely small particles, the strength of its distinctive structural arch and its extensive technical support. The system meets the full intent of the NPDES Phase II pollutant removal requirements.

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