Va. governor wants to spend more on roads, bridges—but at the expense of education

McDonnell unveils two-year budget proposal that includes $110 million more for transportation upgrades

Funding News The Washington Post December 20, 2011
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Instead of raising taxes and fees, Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell wants to shift what is already on the table in order to raise more money for infrastructure improvements.


McDonnell unveiled his two-year budget proposal, but in order for the transportation industry to receive $110 million more in funding areas like education will take a cut. The move involves giving transportation a bigger chunk of the state sales tax. Democrats do not necessarily support the move, because less will be given to schools and other areas, but Republicans are praising it.


McDonnell’s $85 billion blueprint only included one measure that would take more from taxpayers’ pockets—a call to collect $22 million in higher Department of Motor Vehicle fees.

“We should not subscribe to the theory that government can only get better if it gets bigger,” said McDonnell. “I believe that government must get more focused and effective.”


The state legislature will take a closer look at the budget when it comes back from recess on Jan. 11, but all indicators point to it passing. Republicans control the house and hold the tie-breaker in a split Senate. Democrats said they would challenge GOP authority if the Senate is deadlocked.

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