Utah Transit Authority will launch new BRT service in 2018

New service will be part of the Provo-Orem Transportation Improvement Project

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) News Daily Herald November 27, 2017
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Utah Transit Authority will launch new BRT service in 2018

On Aug. 13, 2018, the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) plans to unveil a new 10.5-mile articulated bus rapid transit (BRT) service in the Provo-Orem region as part of its Provo-Orem Transportation Improvement Project (TRIP).


At present the TRIP project is just over half completed, and according to UTA officials work will continue into the winter months to achieve that Aug. 13 date.


“We’ve never done more or worked harder than on this project,” Project Spokesman Andy Neff said. “We’ve been working on the 10.5 miles for over a year.”


By mid-December 2017, work will take place between 200 and 400 North on University Avenue; the widening project will facilitate the new BRT line. The project will continue work on two block sections through the spring, according to Neff. The project will shut for a brief period before Christmas to let holiday shoppers have easier access to downtown stores and parking, after which it will pick up again, with crews working from both ends.


Among the aspects of work already completes are a college connector walking and biking trail between Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University that opened last month and street lights leading into The Mix property by the Carterville Bridge on the University Parkway.


The UVU station platform will be done by the first of the year. Crews will be starting on stations on 400 West and Main Street on the University Parkway in Orem. There will be another road shift on the University Parkway to the outside for construction between January and April.

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