Utah DOT reaches out to the cinema with info on I-15 progress

Mock movie trailer now showing in theaters in Utah County

Blog Entry July 23, 2012
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The Utah DOT deserves a mention for a different idea on public outreach concerning a major transportation infrastructure project. UDOT has filmed a pseudo-movie trailer titled “End Is Near,” according to the Provo Daily Herald, and is showing it with other movie trailers in theaters in Utah County in July and August.


The short film previews the completion of the I-15 project, lets viewers know what to expect in the coming months and lets them know the highway will be open to traffic soon, scheduled for December.


"Videos are an important tool to educate the public, and the 'End is Near' trailer is one of many videos the project has used to explain innovative interchange designs, lane splits and shifts, closures and other construction work since the project began,” according to project spokeswoman Leigh Dethman. “In total we have produced 35 videos."


"Animations are an easy way for the public to virtually drive through new interchange designs before actually getting behind the wheel," Dethman said. "Animations are our most-watched videos. For example, the animation showing how to navigate the new continuous-flow intersection at University Parkway in Orem is up to nearly 20,000 views."


To view I-15 videos visit http://www.youtube.com/utahdot.

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