U.S. Department of Transportation provides $2 million in immediate emergency relief

$1 million for both Washington and Oregon will help repair flood-damaged roads

News U.S. DOT December 10, 2007
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U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary E. Peters announced Dec. 8 and 9 that the federal government is making $1 million available immediately to both Washington and Oregon to help cover the cost of repairing flood-damaged roads.

“Roads may be up and running, but it’s clear the damage and recovery efforts will be tough and the costs will be high. Fixing these drowned roads shouldn’t be held up in a flood of red tape,” Secretary Peters said.

The quick-release funds, which do not require a local match like most federal aid, are a down payment on future funding which will be made available once the state has completed damage assessments and repair costs are more fully known, Secretary Peters said. Specific locations along the damaged roads targeted for the emergency funds have not yet been identified, she added.

The states can use the funding to pay for clean-up and recovery work, including clearing debris and re-routing traffic, as well as for new construction to replace damaged sections of highway.

“The money that we’re providing will do more than just help remove debris and repair pavement. It will help reconnect communities and help residents resume their everyday lives,” Deputy Secretary of Transportation Thomas Barrett said.

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