United Rentals, Inc. Turns To Nu-Metrics, Inc.’s Nitestar® Distance Measuring Instrument to Improve

Case Studies
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United Rentals is the largest equipment rental company in the world, serving construction and industrial companies, utilities, municipalities and homeowners. The Missoula office began using the The Nitestar DMI for traffic control and to calibrate the distance between devices such as signs, barrels or barricades. Before switching to the Nitestar, United Rentals employees either had to use a meter wheel to measure distances or count the skips on the highway. Both the meter wheel and counting skips on the highway [standard configuration is a 10-ft strip followed by a 40-ft skip] are labor-intensive, manual ways to measure distances. The Nu-Metrics’ Nitestar, however, is a convenient way to quickly measure distances, with the data displayed in-vehicle.

The The Nitestar DMI utilizes a signal generated by the vehicle to accurately determine the distance and speed traveled. It collects pulses from the vehicle, analyzes the data and converts it into a useable format or display.

Today, United Rentals in Missoula has installed The Nitestar DMIs in all 75 of its trucks. The company uses the system on a daily basis to determine distances for barrels or barricades and to measure the distance for guardrails, concrete curbs as well as construction signs.

"The Nu-Metrics" Nitestar DMI has greatly improved efficiency,” commented Mike Hall of United Rentals’ Missoula office. “It is the only product that meets our needs, and it has a reputation for longevity in the field. Further, the service from Nu-Metrics keeps us coming back. The support group is knowledgeable and helpful whenever general maintenance or problems arise.”

Additionally, United Rentals is familiar with installation of the Nitestar DMI and has even helped other agencies implement them. “We are very pleased with the product and will continue to use and refer the Nitestar to other agencies,” reported Hall.

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