Troxler wins major award

News Troxler May 14, 2004
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Troxler Electronic Laboratories Inc

Troxler Electronic Laboratories Inc., Research Triangle Park, N.C., a manufacturer of test and measurement equipment for the highway construction industry, has announced they have received the prestigious International Road Federation Global Achievement Award in the category of "Technology, Equipment and Manufacturing." The IRF awards are given in eight categories that recognize outstanding achievement in design, innovative finance, advocacy, construction methodology, safety, technology, equipment and manufacturing, environmental mitigation and research. It is the first time Troxler has been awarded this honor.

"We are delighted that the IRF has chosen to recognize our long-standing commitment to technical innovation and product development in support of the road construction industry worldwide," said William F. Troxler, company chairman and president.

According to a press release from IRF, Troxler was recognized for its entire line of equipment, including the PaveTracker pavement uniformity device, which uses electromagnetic sensing to determine density of asphalt pavement, and the Troxler RoadReader Plus Model 3451, which measures the density of materials by counting the number of gamma photons and converting that to a density reading.

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