Trouble-free tining

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GOMACO T/C-400 and T/C-600 texture/cure machines

GOMACO of Ida Grove, Iowa, kept simplicity as the main design concern when developing the new skewed tining option for their T/C-400 and T/C-600 texture/cure machines. Easily retrofitted to existing GOMACO texture/cure machines, the new option increases versatility by offering skewed as well as longitudinal and transverse tining on mainline paving projects.

The frame of the machine is kept square to the slab while the tining bars run a skewed path, simplifying the ability to transverse tine on newly paved streets and highways requiring a skew texture. The tine rake on the texture/cure is gear-driven, and as the rake travels across the slab, it moves longitudinally in a sliding mechanism through the mount. The final tining pattern is accomplished simply by sliding only the rake.

No matter where the broom starts or stops, it always has the same skewed pattern because it is timed off the carriage’s back-and-forth travel. The sliding movement is controlled by a timing chain that runs from end panel to end panel. The direction of the skew can easily be changed by moving the timing chain either over or under the main drive sprocket on the upper carriage.

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