TRANSIT: Study proves bus rapid transit superior generator for economic development

Three BRT lines have generated more than $1 billion for respective cities

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) News Forbes September 18, 2013
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Cities looking to generate revenue for future development through public transportation should look to bus rapid transit (BRT) as a first option, according to data from a new study by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy. The report’s findings indicated that BRT is the most efficient generator of revenue compared to light rail and streetcars.


Institute researchers pointed to examples like Cleveland’s Healthline, in operation since 2008. Study data found that the BRT project has generated $5.8 billion in development over the last five years—the equivalent of $114 for every transit dollar invested. Healthline was one of three corridors studied that has generated more than $1 billion in future development for its city.


At the same time, Portland’s Blue Line light rail system has generated just $3.74 per dollar invested. The Blue Line has been running since 1986.


The full report on the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy is scheduled to be released Sept. 27.

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