TRANSIT: Denver’s first light-rail line to open in April

RTD will continue to add new lines through 2019

Public Transportation News Clean Technica March 29, 2013
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The Regional Transportation District (RTD) of Denver announced that the West Line light-rail route—the first part of a full system to be put in place over the next few years—will open to the public on April 26. RTD expects the new line will carry approximately 20,000 passengers on a daily basis, with that number expected to grow as rail lines expand.  


The West Line, or “W,” is a 12-mile portion of RTD’s FasTracks program that will add five more light-rail lines through 2019. Its route will include 11 stops between Denver Union Station and the Jefferson County Government Center in Golden, Colo. The next portion, the East corridor commuter rail line, is scheduled to begin operation in 2015. The following year, RTD will roll out the I-225 Corridor line and the commuter rail Gold Line.


The last two lines—the Northwest Rail Corridor and the North Metro Corridor—will debut in 2019.


The Denver Post reports a project total for the W Line of $707 million.

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