TRANSIT: BART strikes for 2nd time this year

BART asks unions to help pay for system upgrades; unions object over pay, benefits and work rules

Transit News SFGate October 18, 2013
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San Francisco Bay-area transportation union members and employees of Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) went on strike shortly after midnight Thursday morning after the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) president walked out on a bargaining session with BART that lasted nearly 30 hours.  The strike is leaving hundreds of thousands of area commuters without transportation, according to


The main disagreement was over BART’s desire to digitize paper file management and pay stubs. Union workers wish to keep all files and pay stubs on paper, because many employees do not own computers. BART also wishes to possess the privilege to call employees into work more often for days of increased ridership, whereas union workers prefer having a predictable schedule.


Union members accepted terms to put 4% of their salaries toward their pension.  They also accepted a 9.5% increase in their monthly healthcare cost, but preferred a more specific 3% yearly raise for four years to BART’s offer of a 12% raise over four years.

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