Trailers link construction industry

With a strong economy and the passing of TEA-21, manufacturers could haul in big sales figures

Trailers Article December 28, 2000
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This month, ROADS & BRIDGES features what some may say is a rather unheralded piece of equipment in the construction equipment industry: the truck trailer. The trailer, which is used to haul equipment and material that may cost tens of thousands of dollars, simply hauls its load from point A to point B. Not a glamorous job by any means, but essential.

With a strong economy and increased federal funding, construction and building demands have the potential to increase. As a result, the impact of these expected increases may help continue robust trailer sales, a segment the industry has experienced over the past few years.

According to Bill Staddon, product and sales manager for Etnyre Trailer Co., ³The economy is strong, therefore most trailer manufacturers have order backlogs and it appears that it will continue that way well into next year as far as deliveries go. Most companies are on 60- to 90-day delivery times, which put them into early next year, whereas other companies are even backlogged into March.²

In this article, ROADS & BRIDGES will focus on the specifications for a variety of gooseneck and specialty trailers and their manufacturers.

Gooseneck trailers‹Rogers Brothers Corp.

The Ultima series trailers from Rogers Brothers Corp., Albion, Pa., have been redesigned for 1999 to accommodate longer, wider and heavier loads. The trailer¹s design, which dates back to the turn-of-the-century, increases payload capacity while still complying with restrictive GVWR regulations.

The trailers are fabricated from 100,000 psi (T-1) minimum-yield steel for strength. The line includes a 50-ton capacity model which features four main beams. Patented body styling enables the trailer to run low to the ground to clear overhead obstructions. Tapered beam design positions the trailer flush to the ground for inherent loading stability while a 12 degree approach angle assures safe, easy loading for oversize equipment.

It also features non-ground engaging goosenecks. When running on low hydraulic pressure, the goosenecks facilitate quick, simple deck height adjustments without a ram foot touching the ground.
The trailers swing clearances range from 80 to 98 in. or more to accommodate any style or size of tractor. A self-aligning beam hook, gooseneck-to- deck connection is a one-man, one-minute operation. It is available with an oak deck, optional center boards and removable side brackets that can increase the deck width by two feet. Sealed beam lights, waterproof modular wiring and anti-corrosive undercoating are included on every trailer.

Load King

A detachable gooseneck trailer design from Load King, Elk Point, S.D., a division of CMI Corp., allows for customer selection of interchangeable gooseneck, deck lengths and subframe adaptation for added stingers, flips and mechanical boosters.

The standard model is a three-axle, 50-ton capacity trailer with a 24-ft-long deck and 24 outriggers on the 8-ft, 6-in. wide deck. It also offers excavator boom cutout, load bearing platform type wheel boxes in addition to other features such as gooseneck fenders, a self-contained power unit, covered wheel wells, air lift axles and reinforced sub-frame for flip axle.

Trail King

The hydraulic detachable gooseneck trailer from Trail King Industries, Mitchell, S.D., offers the user a quick and safe loading and unloading process with the use of hydraulic support arms and a V-shaped alignment guide, neither of which need ground bearing pads.
As a safety feature, transport doors won¹t close unless the air-activated, self-locking pins which lock the gooseneck into place are engaged, eliminating the threat of accidental detachment.
The hydraulic detachable gooseneck trailer is standard in capacities from 35 to 60 tons. Deck and gooseneck lengths can be ordered according to trailer purpose.


The 50-ton, three-axle detachable gooseneck trailer from Trail-Eze, Mitchell, S.D., is offered in two overall lengths of 48 ft, 6 in. and 50 ft. The 48-ft, 6-in. model has a 50-in. axle spacing and the 50-ft has a 60-in. axle spacing which can allow for additional scale weight. A 22-ft load deck, with a width of 102 in., has an unloaded deck height of 26 in. and 10 in. of ground clearance. The trailer¹s 1 3/4-in. oak decking is supported by I-beam crossmembers every 16 in.
Additionally, the trailer¹s king pin offers two depth settings. The first setting at 16 in. provides 103 in. of rear swing clearance and the second setting of 42 in. allows for a 79-in. rear swing clearance.
Front loading ramps make loading easier while 10 ³D² ring tie downs on the main bed provide for safe, secure anchoring of the equipment and it also is equipped with outrigger side extensions. The frame is made of high-tensile steel and custom manufactured beams are designed for stress loads at a minimum of two times rated capacity.

Bottom dump trailers‹Ranco Trailers

Ranco Trailers, Lamar, Colo., manufacture a lightweight, bottom dump trailer designed with lighter materials and components. Due to the trailer¹s lightweight, it is possible to gain as much as a half-ton more payload.

Available in tandem and tri-axle configurations, the trailer offers a 21-cu-yd capacity and is 102 in. wide. It offers a variety of options including tarp systems and gate seals for wet and fine materials in addition to a choice of suspension systems, wheels, hubs and tires among other options.

The company also manufactures the anvil quarter-frame demolition-end dump trailer with a 28-cu-yd capacity and radius design for easy unloading. It provides improved dumping stability that keeps all four wheels on the ground, even at full extension. Its heavy-duty gate is a combination gravity barn door. An inverted cylinder design allows for maintenance and removal. It is built with a Hardox steel body to meet the demands of a demolition trailer while providing for the versatility to haul a variety of materials.

Hydraulic tail trailers‹Trail Eze

The DHT70 series hydraulic tail trailer from Trail-Eze is built for the lifting, construction and rental markets and is versatile to meet a wide range of hauling requirements. With a distributed capacity of 70,000 lb, the trailer length can vary from 40 to 48 ft. not including the 8-ft hydraulic ramp with 4-ft fold under tail. The hydraulic tail has a full-width hinge pin and can lift 20,000 lb, 4 ft back from the pin. The trailer¹s platform is made of 1 3/8-in. oak decking attached to every crossmember while 1/8-in. steel tread plates cover the wheel area and the slope to the upper deck. The trailer, made of MF-80 high-tensile steel, comes standard with two 20,000-lb capacity axles.

Paving trailer‹Trail King

The TK40RB model 20-ton capacity roll-back trailer from Trail King is designed so the entire 28-ft deck of the trailer rolls back as it hydraulically tilts, allowing for a low load angle of 7 degrees.

The 40,000-lb payload capacity trailer features a pintle eye hitch and can be pulled behind a dump truck. Standard features include 215/75R tires, PTO hydraulics, 96-in. deck width, 35-in. loaded deck height and heavy-duty drop leg jack. Also standard is a 17-in. hydraulic fold down approach plate, which acts as an underride when the trailer is in transport position.

Equipment trailers‹Etnyre Trailer Co.

The Etnyre Trailer Co., Oregon, Ill., offers the CFP20T series of deck-over-the-wheel Tag-A-Long trailer that is available in a 20-ton capacity. Popular with small dozer and excavator operators, the trailer¹s standard features include a 5-ft, 6-in. tongue, 8-ft., 6-in. width, 24-ft deck length that includes a 5-ft beavertail and a 32-in. loaded low deck, which makes for ease of loading.

Additional features include a center-mount parking stand, a storage area with a lockable cover, 1 1/2-in. oak flooring, self-cleaning Beavertail with traction bars and spring assisted self-cleaning, variable width loading ramps. The trailers are equipped with multi-leaf spring suspensions with adjustable torque rods. They are shot blasted, undercoated and sprayed with black enamel finish and red and white conspicuity markings.

Etnyre also manufactures the CHP20TPS, a 20-ton tilt deck trailer which can be used for hauling rollers and pavers. Standard features on the trailer include a 4-ft, 6-in. tongue, 8 ft, 6 in. width, a 25-ft tilt deck and a low 12 degree climb angle.

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