TRAFFIC SAFETY: Illinois State Police catch distracted drivers on Chicago’s Kennedy Expressway

Most are cited for texting while behind the wheel

Safety News Chicago Tribune October 01, 2013
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There might have been a few texts going out on Sept. 30 in the Chicagoland area that read: “Just got busted.”


The Illinois State Police claimed to have issued 135 citations for distracted driving in a 2.5-hour span on the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago. Many were issued because the offenders were texting while driving.


Texting while driving is against the law in Illinois, and fines are $120.


“A lot of these minor fender-benders out there that we have, we ask what happened, and they say ‘I was distracted.’ When we ask them why it is because drivers were sending text messages,” Illinois State Police District Chicago Lt. David Byrd told the Chicago Tribune.


Most of the violators were using their cell phones when they were pulled over by police, but one was actually shaving with an electric shaver. All were issued the citation and were given information about distracted driving.


In 2014, using a cell phone while driving in Illinois will be illegal.

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