TRAFFIC SAFETY: AT&T competition generates bevy of high-tech traffic-safety solutions

Pedestrian/cyclist safety, distracted driving among common themes for innovative apps, devices

Traffic Safety News AT&T October 23, 2014
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Connected-vehicle technology was at the heart of many of the winning apps in AT&T's Connected Intersections Challenge, which encouraged contestants to develop mobile traffic-safety solutions for the New York City area.

AT&T received submissions from 45 teams in 13 countries and 26 states, featuring both mobile apps and wearable devices. The winning entries included:

  • Tug, which uses Bluetooth technology to send alerts to all smartphones at an intersection, letting pedestrians know whether to cross or wait;
  • Rider Alert, a Bluetooth-powered app that alerts drivers when bicyclists or pedestrians are nearby;
  • Yield, which detects drivers or pedestrians within 10 to 30 meters of the user's smartphone and delivers alerts; and
  • Drive Safely, which sends an auto-reply to incoming calls and texts if the user is detected in the driver's seat. The app utilizes near field communication (NFC) technology to determine where the user is located, so it won't activate if they're in the passenger seat or riding on public transportation.

The contest was conducted in conjunction with New York City's Vision Zero initiative, which seeks to eliminate traffic-related fatalities and injuries.

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