TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT: Toyota to roll out new precrash technologies in 2015

Affordable technologies to be introduced in mass-volume nameplates

Smart & Resilient Cities News Automotive News December 02, 2014
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Toyota Motor Corp. will begin implementing new advanced safety systems across its mass-market lineup in early 2015. Precrash braking packages, an improved auto-parking feature, a next-generation auto-adjust headlamp, a vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle communication system will all be part of the new or re-engineered features in these safety packages.
Toyota promises that these new precrash safety packages will deliver better performance than active safety systems used in car such as the Lexus LS, but at approximately the same cost. The company's new autopark technology uses a new approach called "See-Through View," which improves visibility of the vehicle's blind spots by giving a view from the driver's seat as if the car were transparent, while Toyota's Panoramic View Monitor, already widely used, gives a view from outside the car. 
The auto parking and vehicle to vehicle communication systems will be released in Japan first and then move into other markets; other technologies will enter the U.S. market as early as 2015. 

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