TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT: Siemens to partner with tech company for V2I development

The electronics company will develop secure intelligent-vehicle networking systems with Australian company

Transportation Management News October 09, 2015
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Siemens to partner with tech company for V2I development

Global electronics firm Siemens and Australia’s Cohda Wireless have announced a collaboration in the area of vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) technology encompassing car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communications.

Under the terms of the collaboration just announced by the two companies, Adelaide-based Cohda will develop and produce V2I roadside units (RSUs) for Siemens, enabling the firm to communicate with connected vehicles. Siemens will base its Sitraffic ESCoS RSU upon Cohda’s MK5 V2X family, using NXP Semiconductors’s Roadlink chip sets. Siemens will deploy Cohda’s technology for various ITS field tests and pilot projects, including the A58 motorway in the Netherlands, A9 motorway in Germany and the Living Lab in Austria. Siemens expects to deploy transport infrastructure such as overhead sign gantries and traffic lights in its V2I RSUs.

Cohda Wireless CEO Dr. Paul Gray said Cohda’s agreement with Siemens created greater certainty for organizations planning to adopt CV technology. “Cohda is very pleased to be supplying Siemens with our V2I products. The collaboration of two leaders in their respective markets is good news.”

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