TRAFFIC CAMS: Iowa to test effectiveness of traffic cameras

Cameras will undergo same analysis as other traffic devices

December 11, 2013

A set of rules set forth by the Iowa Transportation Commission will require all cities and counties to prove the effectiveness of traffic enforcement cameras on major highways. The ruling came after the Commission recognized that cameras might exist primarily to provide revenue for their respective cities and counties.

Existing traffic cameras will undergo reevaluation of their effectiveness. Cities looking to install new cameras will need to conduct an engineering analysis and provide a list of alternative solutions to the Iowa DOT. These new requirements will be similar to those of other Iowa highway additions or changes.

Opponents to the rules include a city commissioner and a police chief of cities where traffic cameras have reduced the number of crashes at certain intersections. According to the police chief, the intersection with the third most crashes in the state dropped to 26th after the city installed traffic cameras.

The rules may take effect as early as February 2014.