TOLLING: Texas DOT proposes managed lanes northeast of San Antonio

Highway along I-35 could ease congestion at conjunction with I-410

October 29, 2013

Texas DOT (TxDOT) proposed construction of a 15-mile elevated highway on I-35 with the goal of relieving congestion on I-35, especially near its conjunction with I-410. The elevated highway will feature managed lanes.

Current preliminary estimates by TxDOT state the highway could cost more than $1 billion but may change significantly as the plans begin to materialize. TxDOT is currently weighing the option of hiring private companies to construct the elevated highway and plans to continue to evaluate all sources of construction.

The tolls on the highway will help fund it post-construction, and the lanes may be free only to public transit and carpoolers. I-35 will remain free for all vehicles.

The highway proposal is currently undergoing federal environment review while TxDOT performs the environmental studies. TxDOT hopes to receive clearance by fall 2014.

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