Success by the lake

Case Studies
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When it comes to using deicer on icy roads, Tom Bunting is impressed with a new product. Bunting, a buyer for The H&K Group, one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s largest site contracting and construction materials companies, has only been using the product on roads they service from the group’s Pocono Lake, Pa., facility for a little more than two years.

“We haven’t used the product that long, but so far we’ve been impressed with the reaction time,” he said. “It really goes to work fast when you put it down on the roads.”

The deicer product used by Bunting is a salt product that’s different than regular rock salt because it contains a pre-wetting agent and coloring agent. Called ClearLane enhanced deicer and produced by Cargill Deicing Technology , the product helps keep roads clear by providing a faster reaction time and longer residual effects, and helps protect application equipment from salt-induced corrosion.

In addition to taking effect quickly, Bunting noted the product proved more efficient under severe conditions as well.

Application also was a key factor in choosing the deicer, Bunting added. “The product seems to spread much more evenly. Even after sitting in the trucks for a while, it doesn’t stick together to make big clumps that could get stuck in the spreader. It’s much easier to distribute as a result.”

Bunting noted being especially impressed with the anti-leaching value of the product as well. “The anti-leaching properties are much better when compared to other products. It doesn’t seem to leave much of a film or residue on the roadway, which is a good thing,” he said.

After applying approximately 800 tons of the enhanced deicer on roads in Pocono Lake last year, Bunting has witnessed its effectiveness. “The product works. And that’s important for us,” he said.

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