Stopping the leak

Case Studies
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Champion Site Prep L.P., based in Georgetown, Texas, does site work, earthwork, paving and excavation. Champion uses HeavyJob from HCSS to manage their jobs.

John Gustainis, president of Champion, described his search for an easier way to review his job process. “We wanted to check if there were any leaks in our process. Were we losing money today? If so, on what jobs and in what area were we losing it in?”

Gustainis was even willing to hire database programmers to make him a customized field management program when a colleague at Capital Excavation, another HCSS customer, suggested that Gustainis see what HCSS had to offer. “I was very close to placing the job posting when I saw that HCSS had already developed something I was looking for.”

After successfully working with HeavyJob/Field, Champion decided to implement HeavyJob on a company-wide basis and purchased additional field systems, as well as a coordinating HeavyJob/Manager system to be used at the home office.

Now Champion Site Prep is at the next level where they are getting plenty of data input from the field and estimating office. “More importantly, though, we’ve seen that [HCSS] are committed to making sure your customers continue to benefit from your software, long after you’ve already made the sale,” Gustainis said.

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