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The off-ramp from I-88 to Eola Road was causing serious concern for the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority due to ponding water after a rainstorm. The lack of a retaining wall between the off-ramp and the road surface was exacerbating the problem. Ponding water and fast-moving traffic was not a good combination and posed a potential safety hazard.

To resolve this issue, the Illinois Tollway Authority considered replacing the existing slotted pipe system with either a similar slotted pipe product or a trench drain system. The Tollway Authority decided to use a trench drain system for its superior drainage performance; a larger intake area would enable faster, more effective removal of surface water and minimize the risk of bypass (where sheeting water passes over the inlet slot).

Because of the location of the drain and the chance that the trench drain could be trafficked by fast-moving vehicles, ACO HighwayDrain HD200 was selected for its monolithic design. ACO HighwayDrain also offers large water intake slots, good surface accessibility for easier maintenance and minimal loose parts that could be a hazard to road users. Basically HighwayDrain offered safety, performance and functionality all in one. Additionally, the trench drain system is independently tested to EN 1433 / DIN 19580 Load class E and will withstand braking, turning and heavy traffic, all highly likely at an interstate off-ramp.

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