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Gary Sheets, a project manager for A. Folino Construction Inc., oversees about 75 miles of pavement installation annually. He said that the pivoted turnbuckle manhole riser from American Highway Products (AHP) has made part of his job easier.

“They’re a timesaver for us because they’re light and because we don’t have to redo work,” Sheets said. “The fit is so good that we don’t get dips and humps in the roadway, and my crews can carry a lot more risers on one truck.”

Sheets used to use cast-iron frame replacements that were heavy, came in limited sizes and required removal of old utility frames—and that meant a lot of difficult jackhammer work. Pivoted turnbuckle manhole risers are better because they are simple galvanized frames that slip into existing manhole rims. The patented turnbuckle system is cranked with a screwdriver and adjusts the riser circumference ½ in. in or out, mating the rim and riser tightly. After paving, the old manhole lid is placed in the new riser.

“We order the risers after we’ve milled the roadway and know the depths we need,” said Sheets. “That way, the riser height is very accurate.”

A. Folino does a lot of work for PennDOT, and Sheets said the risers get good comments from inspectors. “Because they’re a better fit, the finished road is a lot smoother ride, and PennDOT sure likes that.”

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