The Senator that voted "present"

One politician apparently was on the fence for 3% withholding measure

Congratulations, Senators! Now, was that so hard? It appears Congress is in the process of doing the right thing following the Senate's passage of a bill that would not require federal, state and local governments to withhold 3% of payments to contractors in 2013. The Senate did tinker with it a bit, adding tax credits for companies that hire veterans and calling for a study on how to prevent tax evasion by government contractors. The House will look at the revisions and debate them, but this is all a formality and the move should become official soon.

The measure passed by a 95-0 count, with one Senator voting "present." Really? Who in his or her wrong mind would vote "present"? That would be Sen. Olympia Snowe, a Republican for the state of Maine. I really cannot understand why a lawmaker would essentially go against every one of her constituents; that just really baffles me. I mean, we are still in a recession, right? This 3% withholding would only starve contractors even more, right? And, wouldn't that make it more difficult to pull out of a depressed economy? Maybe I have it all wrong, or maybe Snowe is not running for re-election and just does not give a damn. Yeah, the latter must be it. Right?

Bill Wilson
Bill Wilson
Bill Wilson

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