Sculpting the connected-vehicle future

Webinars examine the Reference Implementation Architecture

Blog Entry February 03, 2014
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For anyone interested in getting involved in shaping the connected-vehicle world of the future, the first of seven webinars discussing the first draft of the connected vehicle architecture views is now available on the web (


The Connected Vehicle Reference Implementation Architecture (CVRIA) effort is reaching a key milestone: The initial set of physical, enterprise and communications views are now complete and have been posted to the CVRIA website (


The objective of the webinars was to familiarize attendees with the CVRIA content so that they will be equipped to provide feedback on the architecture before the CVRIA team launches the analysis to identify candidate interfaces for standardization. The CVRIA team presented two to three representative applications in the context of the architecture viewpoints per session. The session will also include a short discussion about the interface analysis and candidate standards identification process and a brief discussion of the policy analysis process to date.


David Binkley presented three applications: red light violation warning, curve speed warning and speed harmonization. Binkley illustrated how the views were developed, what functions the different components perform, what information those components exchange and what relationships will be required between users, owners and operators to realize the applications.


These views will be used to identify candidate interfaces for standardization and eventually incorporated into the National ITS Architecture.


Jim Marousek of Booz Allen Hamilton also spoke on the standardization process and the identification, analysis and prioritization of interfaces for standardization.


Dawn LaFrance­Linden of U.S. DOT's Volpe National Transportation Systems Center highlighted the policy analysis process for the applications presented in this webinar.


The target audience for the webinars is highway managers—including local, state and federal—and any others interested in the development, deployment or use of vehicle-to-infrastructure applications.

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