Saving Time

Case Studies
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Thomas Construction Co., Maple Valley, Wash., needed the right tool to help them build 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1 slopes and swales around roads and retention ponds in new home developments.

Deadlines were always tight and Operations Manager Dennis Gilkison was looking to improve efficiency.

After unsuccessfully trying out a cylinder-style tilting bucket with its exposed moving parts, they turned to PowerTilt Swing Attachment by Helac Corp. "With PowerTilt , we were able to extend our machine's range with a total 134 degree side-to-side swing rotation," said Gilkison. " PowerTilt enabled us to simply tilt our attachment instead of frequently repositioning our Cat 330 excavator."

PowerTilt allowed them to make continual minor tilting adjustments to his bucket, resulting in time savings. PowerTilt's high degree of tilt angle also was beneficial when they worked in tight quarters or confined areas.

Thomas Construction Co. has logged over 9,000 productive hours with PowerTilt . Saving time PowerTilt enables contractors to simply tilt attachments instead of repositioning equipment.

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